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Starting an Entertainment Network

2018 is an interesting time for online entertainment and media. On one hand you could look at the market and think that it is one of the most saturated places (and to be fair you may not be wrong) but of the saturation I am willing to bet that most of the experience comes from one or two main websites. Either Facebook or YouTube. Not many people have their own place on the internet that they can truly call their own.

Enter the NeeberTV Network for myself.

Given the fact that every mother and her sewing machine can have a YouTube channel with low production pumping out videos non-stop or every bro can make a compilation video of their attest beer bong attempts on Facebook it is has become important to me to have my own place (much like my actual home).

“What sort of content can I expect to see on the NeeberTV Network?” I hear you asking and it is a great question. Firstly you can expect to see some Podcast Production. I am working on 3 different podcasts each with their own flair and style;

  • The Fouron Circle Jerk: Comedy Podcast focused on taking the piss (Australian Phrase for ‘parody’) of the weekly news articles.
  • One Year On: An Experimental Podcast with my wife where we talk about the challenges we go through as new parents of a 1 Year Old girl. Focused on interaction with a community.
  • Another Nerdy Podcast: Gaming and Pop Culture Podcast, focused on bringing you discussions about the weeks’ worth of news, reviews on the newest games and movies and have a discussion about some interesting issues.

Expect to see episodes released on a weekly or fortnightly schedule.

On top of this audio media I am now going to be streaming some variety gameplay on my Twitch and YouTube channels. Thanks to NBN finally fixing the line to my house I now can play and stream gameplay (at 720p resolution) without tanking my internet connection for the rest of my house.

If you will indulge me in some self-promotion (and you are on my website so why not) please go ahead and follow my twitch channel and help me hit my next goal of 200 Followers.

Add YouTube to the mix with highlight videos and original content.

The final piece of the puzzle is that I want to get more creators on board. Currently this is a one man operation and this is something that can (and will in time) cause burn out. So the mediate this effect I will look to some of my creator friends to help with production of this projects as well as getting them to create their own things.

This is a scary project for me, this is an exciting project for me but ultimately this is something that I am looking forward to doing for, hopefully, I long time to come.


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IT Goon by Day. Gamer, Nerd and Father by Night. Anthony (Neeber) Glynn is the founder, owner, IT guy, designer, engineer, cook, baker and everything else of NeeberTV. He loves to create online content and share his experiences with other people. There is rarely a time you won't see him chasing new and wondrous experiences whether in the real life or online.