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Another Nerdy Podcast

Another Nerdy Podcast Podcast

ANP 009 – Captain America, Power Rangers Review

Captain America Civil War is coming to our screens and Danny and Neeber are excited beyond all belief for it. Power Rangers Live Action is out but does it live up to the nostalgia we have of it? Fun out in our Review. We also have a look at the Starcraft Remastered release announcement and the history of Starcraft.

Another Nerdy Podcast Podcast

ANP 008 – Outlast 2 Australia Ban, Beauty and the Beast Makes Bank

Disney has the ability to print money with Beauty and the Beast now out in the cinemas, it is practically making its own money back 3 fold. Also Outlast 2 has been banned in Australia even though Australia has an Adult R18+ rating for games. We discuss why the game is banned and if it even should have been.